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Delivering A Perfect Check Everytime

Industry First Restaurant and Bar Revenue and Profit Optimisation Platform

To significantly improve the way we operate F&B businesses. Managers spend an immense amount of time evaluating business performance and making decisions that may not necessarily be based on accurate information.


Intelligent software and proprietary algorithms based on data science, technology and automation to make accurate predictions and business decisions so managers can spend their time running their restaurants, thus improving operating efficiency and maximising profitability.


By predicting future demand, we make decisions that can help optimise seat and table occupancy, menu mix, menu design, pricing, and drive server efficiency to generate maximum revenue and profitability for every hour of every day.


We empower restaurant managers, operators and business owners to make better decisions in least time-intensive, user-friendly and real-time so they can focus on operations while realising their full potential.  

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How it works

How it works


Demand Forecast

Automate demand forecasts for every day of the week, meal period, and hour. This allows a restaurant to drive more traffic during non-busy periods, optimise capacity utilisation during busy periods and have better staff, inventory and cash flow planning.

Table and Seat Optimisation

Using demand forecasting to ensure we maximise seat and table occupancy with the highest revenue-generating potential customers throughout the dining day.

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Menu Optimisation

Identify the best-performing menu items on an individual and cumulative basis to recommend actions to improve sales of the most profitable items, adjust menu pricing and promotions, and menu design.

Server Performance

Gain in-depth knowledge of server strengths and weaknesses to design coaching that enhances the performance, knowledge, and confidence to deliver exceptional upselling and engaging guest experience. 

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"Within twelve months of implementation, restaurants using restaurant revenue management generated (RRM) five times more revenue growth than restaurants not using RRM"

Sheryl E. Kimes and Jeannette Ho
Implementing Revenue Management in Your Restaurants: A Case Study with Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

Meet the Team

We are a passionate group of hospitality professionals and restaurant owners. Combining data science and fact-based insights with creativity and innovation can unearth opportunities. We aim to leverage data science and analytics with years of commercial expertise to drive incremental revenue, operational efficiency and profit for the food and beverage industry.  

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